Legal services


We prepare, interpret and advise on all manner of contracts and commercial legal documents.

We are experienced in, for example, partnership and association agreements, contracts of work, co-owners’ agreements, lease agreements, shareholders' agreements, licence agreements, settlement agreements, powers of attorney, terms and conditions of business, terms of use of websites, agency agreements, joint venture agreements, employment agreements, termination agreements, deeds of sale, options to purchase, rights of first refusal, service level agreements and memoranda of understanding.

We also assist our clients with registering new companies and maintaining existing companies and close corporations, as well as preparing and lodging all manner of resolutions and companies office (CIPC) documents.


We accept appointment as the executor of a loved one's estate, or assist as the executor's agent, to administer and wind up the estate expeditiously and in full compliance with the Administration of Estates Act and Master's requirements. We prioritise care and sensitivity towards the loved ones grieving their loss. We take pride in maintaining open and timely communication with our estate clients for an efficient, personal and accessible process.


We draft your last will and testament and assist with the proper execution thereof, as well as retention of an original will on your behalf, and online registration of the will for ease of future location. Where heirs are minors, we assist with establishment of testamentary trusts and the nomination of guardians. We offer our clients free annual reminders to review their wills and make any revisions required by changing circumstances. 

We draft your living will to speak for you when you cannot, owing to incapacity in times of medical distress. The living will aims to ensure that doctors prolong life and not death, saving clients from extended suffering when their prognosis is hopeless. 

We draw and revise trust deeds and register trusts, for charitable or property-owning purposes, and support our clients in trust administration, including the drawing of resolutions, appointment and removal of trustees, and the dissolution of trusts.


In addition to the above focus areas, we offer select labour law, family law and civil litigation services.